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Voc monitors help monitor the amount of voc's in the air. Portable voc monitors offer the best of both worlds with accurate detection of voc's, as well as the mobility that a portable unit has to offer.

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Monitoring Volatile Organic Compounds

Monitoring Volatile Organic Compounds can be handled by a professional or with a portable voc meter. There are also professional companies who can provide removal, or monitoring of hazardous voc materials for commercial or residential units.

Currently there are several voc sources: high voc paint, new carpeting, new flooring, stains & varnish, new construction areas, home renovation areas, industrial units, and other areas that may possess voc's, or poor air quality.

The VOC monitor is able to meter various pollutants such as formaldehyde and other Volatile Organic Compounds which may come from new flooring or carpet, home furnishings, new clothes, bedding, drapery, and kids toys. VOCs consist of synthetic and natural substances that are emitted from common household products and materials which contain harmful chemicals, solvents, glues, and varnishes. The health risks involved with VOC's can be fatal if exposed to high levels for extended periods of time. A portable Voc monitor can help in early detection of Voc's.


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